Meet our Makers-Part 1

We love the stories behind our artisans and craftspeople, it's why we chose to work with and support them.

It's so much more than nice baskets or beautiful linen, it's about the people. It's about helping to break the poverty cycle, empowering marginalised communities and small artisans. Ultimately it's about changing lives as we collectively create a more sustainable, beautiful and kind world.

It's about being a part of something much bigger.

So we wanted share a little bit about them with you so that you too can discover their drivers and passion for sustainability and admire their talent and consider ways in which you can support fair trade worldwide.

Introducing...MATR BOOMIE

Fair Trade

Matr Boomie means "Motherland" in Sanskrit, and is a fair trade collective from India who combines a modern design sensibility with inspiring traditional art forms that bring people and cultures closer together. With an expansive network that empowers 20,000 artisans in 40 marginalised communities throughout India. They have created so many economic and environmentally positive differences for the lives of their Artisans including vocational training, literacy programs and fair wage opportunities.

Their aim is to break then gender and inequality gap by helping establishing a business path that creates confidence for aspiring female artisans, empowering them to reach thier full potential and become successful entrepreneurs. 

Founded by Manish Gupta and Ruchi Agrawal who share aspirations to create a more kind and fair world where materials and processes used in production are safe for the people and kind to the land. 

Introducing...FAIR GO TRADING

Established in 2004, Fair Go Trading have been working closely with fair trade artisans for over 15 years and source contemporary and eco-sustainable products through an established and transparent supply chain that benefits all. Their vision is to strive to create change and they have a sincere commitment to sustainability with their products focused on natural fibres of hemp, jute, cotton, alpaca, hogla and rattan with a gorgeous mix of natural and colored fibres. 

They subscribe wholeheartedly to the 10 principals of Fair Trade and regularly visit their international producer groups and communities, stengthening business relationships. 

Fair Trade Artisan weaving basket