Coconut & Lime Body Butter Block
Coconut & Lime Body Butter Block
Coconut & Lime Body Butter Block

Coconut & Lime Body Butter Block

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It's smells just like a tropical holiday and leaves your skin feeling delicious.

Ethique have released an incredible plastic-free alternative to body lotion usually found in a bottle. This world class body butter combines Cocoa butter with babassu and coconut oils with essential oils for a super easy to use and convenient bar.

This New Zealand company have thoughtfully sourced organic cocoa butter from the Dominican Republic, organic coconut oil from Samoa and delicious essential oils and absolutely no synthetic fragrances or palm oil!

All these nourishing ingredients creates a bar that is easy to use, incredibly hydrating and fabulous to use anywhere that needs a little extra soothing love.

It's best applied straight after a shower on damp skin and always use less than you think you need.

Great Summertime Tip: If this delicious bar softens in transit or at home over the summer months simply  pop in the fridge for 2-3 hours to harden up.

Store in a dry, cool spot, in its original packaging or something like a jar.

  • Plastic-free beauty bar
  • Delicious tropical scent
  • Sustainable and palm oil free
  • Certified Cruelty-Free & Vegan