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These gorgeous fold-able pots are Australian made and designed using 100% recycled and carbon neutral polyproylene and feature a stunning original artwork by Jackie Anderson, an artist based in Newcastle who intuitively creates abstracted landscapes characterised by vivid colour and bold shapes. Her art aims to explore the duality of time from moments in her life.

A designer, portable plant pot that pops!

Pop Up Pots are origami inspired plant pots which assemble with a quick pop and a push and are made in Australia from 100% recycled, non-toxic, carbon neutral polypropylene. Designed to last a lifetime, our Pop Up Pots not only enhance our living space with their vibrant pops of colour, but are helping to divert plastic from landfill through a closed-loop system that recycles post‑industrial waste.

Easy to use, they can be an outer sleeve for your existing pot or are able to be planted in directly. Lightweight yet strong, they are the perfect pop of colour to compliment your indoor plants without the fear of broken pots.

A gorgeous gift that can be posted within an envelope, allows them to be sent anywhere for the cost of a letter and make a perfect gift companion with one of our goregous Seed Gift Packs


Flat: 28cm wide x 17cm tall
Assembled: 14.5cm tall, 16.5cm diameter