Christmas Seed Gift Pack
Christmas Seed Pack
Christmas Seed Gift Pack
Christmas Seed Gift Pack
Happy Birthday Seed Gift Pack
Happy Birthday Seed Gift Pack
Echinacea Seeds
Chamomile Seeds
Culinary Flowers Seeds
Seed Gift Pack
Marigold Seeds
Bug Wonderland Seed Gift Pack
Wildflowers Seed Gift Pack
Poppy Seed Gift Pack
Poppy Seed Gift Pack
Poppy Seeds
Bug Wonderland Seed Gift Pack
Billy Button Seeds
Billy Button Seed Gift Pack
Kangaroo Paw Seed Gift Pack
Wildflower Seed Gift Pack
Herb Seeds
Culinary Flowers Seed Gift Pack
Culinary Seed Gift Pack
Kangaroo Paw Seed Gift Pack
Kangaroo Seed Gift Pack
Bug Wonderland Seed Gift Pack
Wildflowers Seed Gift Pack

Eco Friendly Seed Gift Packs

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The perfect small gift of natural greenery that's easy to post yet looks gorgeous.

Our Sow'n'Sow are designed and made in Australia from 100% recycled card and features beautiful original artwork by Melbourne artist, Daniella Germain.

Each gift pack includes a packet of mixed seeds, a tear-away biodegradable plant label and sowing instructions.

Christmas Herbs: With a little gold foiling for that extra little essence of Christmas Cheer, this pack containes a delightful mix of the flowering herbs, parsley, thyme and chives for a fragrant and delicious Summer Garden.

Australian Christmas: Spread gorgeous Christmas cheer this year with a greeting card and gift in one eco friendly package. This Australian Native Gift of Seeds includes easy to grow Everlasting Daisy seeds – Rhodanthe chlorocephala. 


Happy Birthday Picnic: Birthday Picnics enjoyed in a gorgeous garden surrounded by loved ones and cake is the inspiration for our Birthday Picnic Gift of Seeds. Featuring a bright mix of Snapdragon, Cosmos and Cornflower seeds, the lucky recipient can grow their own birthday surprise

Wildflowers:  Imagine Spring and Summer garden beds brimming with colour. Our Wildflowerpack contains a mix of three easy to grow seeds with Californian Poppy, Cosmos & Alyssum.

Poppy:  Enchanting with their bright pink & red delicate petals and serated green leaves, Poppies appear as if out of a fairytale.

Culinary Flowers: Flowers so beautiful you could eat them. Included in the ‘Edibles’ Gift of Seeds range, our Culinary Flowers will make the perfect gift that is both stunning and useful and includes a mix of Nasturtium, Viola, and Cornflower seeds. 

Marigolds:  Marigolds are  always popular and extremely easy to grow so this gift will serve as a lasting reminder of your generosity. Best sown in Spring and Summer in a sunny position and approximately 6mm deep. These flowers self seed beautifully without becoming weedy and are the perfect for companion plant to add to your vegetable garden for a bright pop of colour and to encourage bees to visit and pollinate your vegetables.

Chamomile: Nurture yourself or someone you love with Chamomile. Chamomile is a herb with a white daisy-like flower and yellow centre which has been used for centuries as a natural remedy for a range of health conditions. These include improved sleep, digestive health, as well as being high in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. It is also well known for its soothing effects and for being a gentle relaxant. Chamomile produces  a pleasant apple scent with its abundance of flowers. To make a tea, simply gather the flowers and infuse them in hot water. Many people enjoy chamomile tea as a caffeine free alternative to black or green tea.

Plant in full sun or light shade during late winter/early spring. Bury seeds as deep as the height of the seed and keep the soil moist

Trio of Herbs:  Part of our Edibles Range, the Trio of Herbs seed pack is a mix of parsley, coriander and basil. The perfect mix for the kitchen gardener! Each herb is easy to grow, and will blossom with love. This is both a beautiful card and a joyous experience to gift to someone in your life, or even yourself.

Perfect to sow in spring and summer, simply scatter the seeds, cover with a thin layer of soil in a sunny position & keep moist until germination.

Echinacea:  Our Echinacea seed gift pack is perfect when healing, positive thoughts and love are in need.  Included as a part of our new ‘Nurture’ range, this will be the perfect gift that is both beautiful and useful.

Echinacea is a purple flower with a prominent central cone, giving it the more common name of ‘Coneflower’. They are loved by pollinators such as honeybees and butterflies, making an attractive addition to a cottage style garden.

After watching your flowers bloom, they make a lovely cut flower and are also widely used as a medicinal herb.  The herb encourages the immune system (by increasing white blood cells) and reduces symptoms of cold, flus and other illnesses.  The plant label included with each pack includes a simple recipe for making tea with the flowers and leaves.

Billy Buttons:  Brighten someone’s day with a gift pack of bubbly, bouncy Billy Buttons. Billy Buttons are an easily grown Australian native flower ball that looks great in the garden and will continue to please as a dried flower. Also featured in our Christmas series, but simply too beautiful not to enjoy all year round.

To sow, scatter seeds in a sunny position and cover with a thin layer of soil and ensure that the soil stays moist. Beat the rhythm of life with nature’s own golden drumstick.

Kangaroo Paws: Grow your own little piece of Australia with the native Kangaroo Paw Gift of Seeds. The furry, claw-like bright red flowers on long stems are absolutely stunning and are widely used as cut flowers. Being the state emblem of Western Australia they do grow naturally in the South West of WA, however are also the perfect gift to celebrate Australian Native flora and fauna.

Bug Wonderland: Discover the wonder of nature and create a colourful garden kingdom that bugs will love. This colourful gift of seeds pack will enchant nature lovers and budding green thumbs both young and old. Containing easy to grow old favourites dianthus, cosmos, cornflower and alyssum which will attract bees, butterflies and beneficial bugs as well as produce a delightful display of colour.

Simply scatter seeds in the garden or into a pot with potting mix, lightly cover with soil, keep moist and wait for these quick growing seeds to pop up in a few days.

Perfect Gift to accompany our water color Pop up Pots for an easy to mail gift that fits within an envelope.

-Made & Designed in Australia
-100% recycled paper
-Includes an illustrative plant label to mark where your seeds are planted
-Comes with a recycled kraft envelope for mailing