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Wine stopper
Wine stopper
Wine stopper
Wine stopper

Jalini Hand Painted Bottle Stopper

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Wine is too important to waste....

Save what's left of your favorite bottle with our hand crafted stoppers as you never know when that last glass might be just what you need.

These Jalini hand painted stoppers come from the master craftsmanship of Blue Pottery of Jaipur with intricately hand painted detail and lead-free glaze.

These chunky handcrafted wine, oil or bottle stoppers, combine function and beauty, featuring a vibrant bouquet of colours and designs with gold metallic accents.

Pottery is an age-old art in India. Artisans in Rajasthan use a potter's wheel, handmade molds and their hands to shape natural clay into beautiful works of functional art. A polished clean finish.

 Ceramic Top, Cork Stopper
Fair Trade India
L=5.7 D=4.4cm