Pure Wool Dryer Balls

Wool Dryer Balls

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These 100% pure wool dryer balls are a must if you use a Dryer in your Pure Laundry.

Simply place three wool dryer balls into your dryer with your wet clothes and watch them work their magic. 

Experience a reduction in drying time and your power bill as these wooldryer balls absorb moisture and create air pockets in the load for better circulation and a more even distribution of heat. They also eliminate static and the need for wasteful dryer sheets as well as reduce wrinkles 

A one off purchase of wool dryer balls will last a lifetime as they will provide over 10,000 dryer loads and are completely waste free.

You wont believe the difference they will make and you can add a couple of drops of our natural laundry tonic for a gorgeous fragrance.

Each Pack Contains 6 Wool Dryer Balls
3 x grey - for darks loads
3 x white - for light loads

 A Little bit about That Red House: 

Following a devastating Cancer diagnosis, with young children and a move to the country for a more sustainable lifestyle, the Australian creators of That Red House were dismayed to find that so many of their so called 'eco' washing detergents had hidden ingredients making them unsuitable for their greywater or just weren't effective enough to cope with 4 small kids living on a farm. Their search led to finding, buying and selling out of Soapberries in record time and the business grew from there now featuring some of our favorite laundry must haves.