Pure Wool Dryer Balls

Wool Dryer Balls

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These 100% pure wool dryer balls are a must if you use a Dryer in your Pure Laundry.

Simply place three balls in your dryer with your wet clothes and watch them work their magic. 
Experience a reduction in drying time and your power bill as these balls absorb moisture and create air pockets in the load for better circulation and a more even distribution of heat. They also eliminate static and the need for wasteful dryer sheets as well as reduce wrinkles 

A one off purchase that will last a lifetime, they provide over 10,000 dryer loads and are completely waste free. You wont believe the difference they will make.

Each Pack Contains 6 Wool Balls
3 x grey - for darks loads
3 x white - for light loads

And for an added bonus, a couple of drops of your fave essential oil and your whole load will smell incredible.